Rate Schedule

All rates are currently applicable to both United States and Canadian dollars and are subject to change.


Click here to download the rate schedule in PDF format.

Investigative Services:

Commercial/Residential Structure Fire Investigations $ 125.00/hr
Commercial/Residential Structure Damage Analysis (non-fire) $ 125.00/hr
Vehicle Fire Investigations $ 125.00/hr
Watercraft Fire Investigations $ 125.00/hr
Vehicle Theft Investigations (Includes Ignition/Steering Column and Immobilizer Analysis) $ 125.00/hr
Vehicle Theft Un-recovered Investigation (Key Check) $ 125.00/hr
Watercraft Theft Investigations $ 125.00/hr
Vehicle Vandalism Investigation $ 125.00/hr
Accident Damage Analysis and Accident Reconstruction $ 125.00/hr
Mechanical Evaluation $ 125.00/hr
Vehicle Appraisal Service $ 85.00/hr
Universal Investigations  

Property (i.e. Breaking And Entering) Investigations
Background Investigations
Personal Injury/Work Loss Investigations
Retail Fraud

$ 75.00/hr
$ 75.00/hr
$ 75.00/hr
$ 75.00/hr

One Person Surveillance $ 65.00/hr
Two Person Surveillance $ 100.00/hr


$ 0.75/mi

Photographs – Printed $ 2.00/ea.
Photographs – Emailed or downloaded from Herndon & Associates Site $ 1.00/ea.
Reprints for Deposition or Court $ 1.00/ea.
Video (Surveillance) DVD $ 50.00/ea.
Video (Surveillance) DVD Copies $ 25.00/ea.
Diagnostic Equipment – NGS, Tech II, DRB III $ 175.00
Crash Data Recorder (CDR) $ 175.00
Reports (police, Fire, Accident, Etc. When Accompanied by Investigation) $ 20.00/ea.
Registrations/Title Information (Current Owner) Michigan $ 18.00/inq.
Driving Records - Michigan $ 18.00/inq.
All Vehicles Registered (Per Registration) $ 18.00/inq.
Deposition / Trial Time $ 195.00/hr.
Transcription Time $ 65.00/hr.
CarFax $ 23.50/ea.