We provide several other investigating and consulting services such as breaking and entering, un-recovered theft, workers compensation investigations, receipt verification, neighborhood canvasses, background investigations, and retail fraud.

Breaking and Entering
We have experienced investigators; most are former law enforcement detectives that are familiar with these types of cases. Our investigators conduct on-scene investigations into the property loss, obtain statements, and verify the existence of the property reported missing.

Theft Un-Recovered (Mobile Property)
We employ experienced investigators to obtain recorded statements pertaining to the loss; statements can be taken at the insured's residence or at our office. The investigators have immediate access to the SOS Records and Carfax reports.

Verify Receipt
Background investigators conduct in-person interviews and request copies of receipts not only pertaining to the items sold to an individual, but also the wholesale invoices from the business. The firm uses an affidavit of confirmation to be signed by the business.

Worker’s Compensation
Background investigators conduct worker’s compensation investigations in conjunction with our surveillance team.

Neighborhood Canvass
Investigators perform neighborhood canvasses at the request of the client; useful information is often learned such as address confirmation, vehicle condition prior to the loss, and much more.

We employ experienced investigators to conduct criminal and civil litigation searches, criminal history investigations, as well as full background investigations on an individual or business.

Wage Loss Verification
Investigators secure documentation from an employer to verify employment dates, wages and hours worked.

We have online access to several databases that are utilized to locate an individual or business.

Retail Fraud
Our retail fraud investigators are Wicklander and Reid certified interviewers. Their extensive experience in external and internal retail fraud has shown that most retail fraud is the result of employee dishonesty.

Civil Litigation & Criminal Litigation
We conduct civil and criminal litigation searches in conjunction with an in-person search of court records. Records that were not listed in the internet search have sometimes been located during the in-person search.

Miscellaneous Request
Investigators will collaborate with the client to narrow down exactly what information is requested and the ability to obtain the information desired.