H&A provides subject matter experts in vehicle investigations from origin and cause, auto theft, mechanical analysis, accident damage analysis/reconstruction, and appraisal services.

Vehicle Fire Origin & Cause
We have certified fire investigators, court qualified experts, to conduct origin and cause investigations for all mobile property including, but not limited to, passenger vehicles, motor homes, heavy/farm equipment, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, and watercraft. Additionally, we have one certified diver on staff.
Vehicle Theft
Our certified and court qualified experts/fire investigators also specialize in immobilizer systems, ignition and steering column locking systems factory aftermarket alarm/remote start systems. H&A owns and maintains diagnostic equipment, which works with most manufactures, to ascertain the number of keys/fobs programmed to start a vehicle, as well as secure and confirm odometer readings and the electronic vehicle identification number (VIN). Additional specialty diagnostic tools are used as well.
Vehicle Theft and Fire Origin and Cause
H&A combines its expertise in vehicle theft and fire to conduct simultaneous investigations, on any mobile property, reducing the cost of utilizing two different investigators or firms.
Vehicle Mechanical Analysis
We have a Certified Master Mechanic that conducts a full mechanical analysis for all mobile property. After a fire, the pre-fire mechanical condition of the engine and/or transmission can often be ascertained. The full evaluation of a vehicle is performed, including the use of manufacturer diagnostic equipment when a claim of mechanical failure is reported to have caused an accident; steering, suspension or brake failure - even sudden acceleration can, in most cases, can be verified.
Vehicle Accident Damage Analysis
We have a certified, court-qualified accident reconstruction experts who has extensive law enforcement experience in examining accident vehicles/scenes. This same investigator is certified to operate the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval equipment to download important data from the vehicles. 3D-animation recreations are also available upon request.
Vehicle Appraisal Service
We have a former insurance appraiser/supervisor with over thirty years experience to conduct secondary vehicle appraisals as well as review estimates to determine if the written estimate coincides with the repairs performed.