We offer specialized training to our clients, law enforcement, and fire service personnel. Federal, State, Local, International…Fire trends; theft trends…immobilizer systems; structure damage….

H&A conducts live burn demonstrations in cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies, the International Association of Arson Investigators and their Chapters, International Association of Auto Theft Investigators and their regional chapters, and state chapters of Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators. Additionally, we provide training in the area of ignition and steering column locking systems, immobilizer systems as well as factory and aftermarket alarm/remote start systems. For information on our upcoming training seminars, click here. Please contact us if you wish to request a specific training curriculum.

Here is a list of the schools where the training take place:

  • IAAI (International Assoc. Arson Investigations)
  • IAAI (Michigan Chapter)
  • IAATI (International Assoc. of Auto Theft Investigations)
  • IAATI (North Regional Chapter)
  • MATS (Michigan Auto Theft)
  • MSP (Michigan State Police)